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Apple’s case against the tax campaign group Attac was thrown out of a Paris court on Friday. To add insult to injury, the tech giant was ordered to pay Attac’s legal fees.”The court has recognised the legitimacy of our actions and coque iphone 8 south side serpent transparente went as far as to say we behaved coque iphone 6 lumineuse led in the general coque iphone x cristiano interest,” said Attac (Association for the Taxation of Financial coque antichoc iphone x transparent Transactions and Citizen’s Action) spokesman Raphael Pradeau, as cited by The Local. The case emanated from Attac sit in protest Apple’s flagship Paris store on December 2 at what they claimed was “massive tax evasion” by the US tech company around the world, but specifically in Europe.In its complaint, Apple alleged that the protest had endangered the safety of staff and customers coque iphone 8 rhinoshield solid suit and therefore further such coque iphone x pc protests should be banned.

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